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Third Place in Mozilla Dev Derby Challenge of May 2013 Uncle Mike.

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  • http://devart-pojuichen.rhcloud.com/
    Behind The Painting
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    eBay Now Kiosk
  • http://pchen66.github.io/eR3D/
  • http://pchen66.github.io/Ironman/
  • http://lmc.gatech.edu/~pchen66/CIC/index.html
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  • http://pchen66.github.io/3D_Assembly/
    3D Assembly
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  • http://pchen66.github.io/PeriodicTable/
    Periodic Table
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    WebGL Collada Loader
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    Who's Knocking
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    Taipei Transit
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    NTU Campus Assistant
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    Love Match

About Me

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Pojui (Ray) Chen

Pojui (Ray) Chen


Hello! I'm "Po-Jui Chen" from Taiwan. My English name is "Ray", which sounds exactly like the last word of my chinese name.

I'm pursuing Master's Degree in Digital Media at Georgia Tech, and completed B.B.A. Degree in Information Management in 2011 at National Taiwan University. Especially keen on Tangible Interaction Design and Augmented Reality applications in our daily life, I joined the Synaesthetic Media Lab with Prof. Ali Mazalek and Augmented Environment Lab with Prof. Jay Bolter at GVU center. In addition, I've been obsessed with WebGL using ThreeJS and established a student group aiming to teach basic 3D web programming.

Currently I'm a Graduate Research Assistant in College of Architecture, creating a new method converting Building Information Model (BIM) to Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) visualized in WebGL. Some of my previous mobile applications were sponsored by Hinet and Samsung.

Honor to win the first prize from eBay Hackathon 2013

Invited talk and demo on ACM TEI 2014

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