ARbstacle Running Race is an Augmented Reality application that demonstrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) through real-time interactions with Interactors. Two agents compete with each other. Running from point 1 to point 4, trying to jump across any obstacle and finish the race first.

The field of AI builds computational systems that model and simulate the intelligent behavior of people and animals. AI architectures can be extremely generative, able to produce complex responses to environmental changes, including user interaction. In computational art, AI approaches have been used to build work ranging from robotic sculpture, to drawing and painting generators, from generative interactive stories to music composition. In the popular art form of computer games, AI approaches are used extensively to build tactical and strategic opponents, non-player characters, and player modeling systems.

For this project, I focus on real-time interaction and physical input with intelligent agents who can either jump over or bump into obstacles. You can also change position of each four points to affect their running path. Each agent would put trap based on their possibilities to win.

Scene Overview

Point Close View

ScoreBoard Close View

Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Built with Processing 1.5
Camera Coordinates Transformation
3D Modeling (Model from Quake2)
Video Library : GSVideo
AR Library : NyARToolkit
Markers : ARToolkit Patternmaker