When confronted a painting such as a Mondrian, most people will immediately recognize it and at least have partly similar connotations. One such a connotation for instance is that Mondrian paintings show somewhat of a city or city map. What if such connotations could be extended, what if other dimensions could be shown than just the 2D image that can be seen? This project suggests playing with such connotations, dimensions and perspectives in 3D.
Jump into a Mondrian painting and explore the city, re-create it collaboratively and see your work exhibited on the fly in augmented reality. Technology such as the smart phone and web 3D provide ways to interactively explore the world behind the painting and lets viewers reflect, re-create and reconsider their initial interpretation of a painting.

The behind the painting project is crossing the boundaries of traditional art viewing and creation. It offers new ways of looking and making. We believe this to be aesthetically pleasing but also offering answers to present day issues with regards to musea having problems getting visitors. We offer new dimensions to exploration of the artwork, leaving someone who participated and interacted with a different and hopefully more wholesome experience than the ‘simple’ viewing of a painting in a museum. The latter is also crucial seeing that for many people a visit to a museum isn’t possible. Some painting can only be seen at a specific location in a specific country very far from someone’s home. Behind the painting offers new horizons and we are proud to have been able to work on this project.
After submitting your painting, you will get a fiducial marker with a code. The fiducial mark can be printed out and hung in your room. Through augmented reality on the web you can see your painting extacly on top of that marker.

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Team of two, with Samuel Zwaan
WebGL using Three.JS
HTML5 native APIs