While I was in eBay Retail Innovation team, I was focusing on interaction design and building bi-directional communication prototypes. The Connected Store project for Rebecca Minkoff is one of the coolest project that I was involved.

The first constraint that comes with the mirror is the screen size. How to give user impression that items are scrollable without adding scroll up/down buttons? I introduce the "glance" animations to scroll through all the items before sliding in. This 0.8 second improvement implies there are more than three items on the screen that can be scrolled, which helps user understand how to use the interface without explicit explanations.

Same rule applies to product images. As interface grows to the right, images can be scroll to next one horizontally with momentum snapping. Multiple sizes / colors selection are also essential to the experience. We hooked up availability of each store and update them in a near real-time fashion.

The most recognized feature would be changing lighting. Four light settings are pre-recorded and can be toggled on the fly. The transition between each setting is also taken into consideration. We apply ease function between RGB value to make the light soft and gentle.

UI Implementation
Interaction Design
Mirror Display
Companion App(iPad App for in-store associates)