Health Globe is a 3D interactive map aiming to raise awareness of global healthcare issues. By challenging users at first with 12 healthcare questions and topics, our application provides infographic lessons, interactive dialogues, 3D symbolic model to explain major healthcare issues and visualizations around the world.

*Currently only WORKS in Chrome.

Infographic Video( AIDS )

Through the video, users can easily understand what are the cause and consequence of health problems. Problems includes Obesity, Life Expectancy, AIDS, Asthma, Hypertension, Underweight Children, Diabetes, and Smoking.

Vow for your healthy life ( OBESITY )

"Vow for your healthy life" is an innovative part in partipatory affordance of existing digital artifacts. We use Google speech webkit to recognize users' oaths, and Google Translate API to guide users just like a personal Siri.

Visualization of Global Health Issues ( Alcohol Death Rate )

In order to engage users in our world map, we visualize the top 10 countries which suffer from drugs, alcohol, suicide and AIDS.

3D Symbolic Model ( France )

After successfully making a vow, user will be taken to the particular country with a symbolic 3D model, which serves both entertaining and cultural purposes.

Health Globe using three.js

D3.js, WebGL using ThreeJS, HTML5/CSS3, Speech Recognition, Google Translate API