eBay Now Kiosk prototype is a project I've been working on for summer 2013. Unlike any kiosks you have seen before, it has a unique feature that builds a live connection between personal devices and the kiosk without any apps or plugins.

For this project, I'm interested in creating a seamless shopping experience that you can "take away" anything on the kiosk with you. You don't have to check out on the spot. Instead, you can access your shopping list on your mobile devices and check out anytime at your own convenience.

You can turn your smart device into a remote control simply by a QRcode. It can access orientation, motion and acceleration of your devices and it allows users to pull data or push data with the kiosk simultaneously.

3D Shelf with products

Search Panel

Product Description

Check Out Page

3D Physics Coupon Game

Individual, UI redesign by Amy
WebGL using Three.JS
HTML5 native APIs
Only two projects were recognized. The speaker called me out of 500+ interns to showcase this project.